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Threads of Faithe

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In Loving Memory of our MacKenzie Faithe

We are a out-of-pocket, home-based organization who's mission is to  help put a Threads of Faithe blanket on every baby that is born and has to stay in the hospital. This is to give them a comforting feeling of arms holding them.

We rely heavily on the donations of yarn and supplies to the group. We also always need volunteers to help make the blankets!
Please Check out our Wish List to see if you can help us with our mission! Or contact us!

Our goal

We want to provide enough blankets to have each child at Children's Corner lovingly wrapped in a Threads of Faithe blanket. These blankets help those children feel comfort in an new and unsure place.


This is our little angel, she will live on in our hearts and through these blankets!


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