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MacKenzie's Story

Threads of Faithe

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Even if our little angel is in Heaven now, we continue to carry her name on.

Her Story

Threads Of Faithe is named for my great niece MacKenzie Faith   She was born in Feb. 2006 and passed away in June 2006. She was born with Hydranencephly, she had to stay in the hospital from the time she was born until she was a month old. After coming home, she went to Children's Corner in Knoxville, TN for rehabilitation. The whole time she was in the hospital, she was being feed the tubes that run into her stomach. The hospital gave her a crocheted blanket and that is where I got the idea from for Threads of Faithe. The Children's corner nurses was so nice and caring, making her stay and visits feel more comfortable for her and us. They helped alot of the children and their families feel that same loving comfort as we felt, so in return I would love to help them continue this caring program.
I want to make these blanket and donate them to the Children's Corner so that other children can feel the love that our MacKenzie felt. Also, I hope to be able to make some and donate them to NICU at Children's Hospital also. There is no other way I could do anything to show all of them our appreciation for all they did for MacKenzie, but this is the only way I could think of. Is by making crocheted baby blankets from my heart., in loving  memory of our MacKenzie Faithe.

She may have only been here for a short period of time, but her hand print will last on our hearts forever!

Our Little Angel





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