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Prayer Request

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This page is to provide information on families in need of a few kind hearted prayers to help them get though a hard time in their life! Please find it in your heart to pray for these people!

Boy in CA needs all the prays he can get!
Right now, there is a little boy in the NICU in California. He is a twin, and was born with brain cancer. At this point, he can't swallow because of the tumor putting pressure on that part of his little brain. He is currently going though chemo treatments
Please find it in your heart to send a prayer in this little boys direction!
Little boy age 3 in Dayton OH,needs our thoughts and prayers
There is a little boy that is 3 years old and stays at Children's Hospital in Dayton,OH right now. He has stomach cancer and he has to stay there untill his stem cell transplant is complete.When he first got to the hospital they gave him a quilt that someone had made and the little guy keeps it with him all the time. This quilt helps comfort this little boy during his time of need!
So please keep this little boy in your thoughts and in your prayers along with his family in this their time of need...

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